29 Oct 2014

Shiksha Sahayak Latest Update Ea.rajshiksha.rajasthan.gov.in

Shiksha Sahayak Ea.rajshiksha.rajasthan.gov.in Latest Update 

Shiksha Sahayak recruitment of 33,689 post of shiksha sahayak this matter is in front of  Rajasthan High Court.

Bonus Marks For Shiksha Sahayak Rajasthan High Court hearing is over. 

And this matter is in courts for last few months because of that there is delay in the Recruitment.

But now in court the hearing from the both of side is over now final decision is expected soon.

There are 2000 application for different matter in shiksha sahayak recruitment and now on Wednesday all hearing on it is over and now the final decision is expected in next hearing or very soon.

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