4 Sept 2012

Job interview Dress Tips for Men

Here are a collection of tips, hints and advice on how to dress for the job 
interview from image consultants who specialize in the world of business. 

The clothing you wear to your interview can have a big impact on getting the job. Your resume and 
qualifications have got you the interview. Now they're looking for fit with the organization. 

What you wear will give them clues to your understanding and ability to fit in with their corporate culture. 
This doesn't mean that you need expensive interview clothing or look like a fashion model but it means 
that you demonstrate an understanding of business dress. 

You want to make it easy for them to picture you representing their company to their clients in the 
position you've applied for. 

So how do you do this? The following strategies and answers will help you get the job.. 

Do your homework 

Google the organization, check out their website for photos and clues on what their dress code is and 
how they present themselves. 

Visit their office building at lunch hour to see how they dress. Watch what outfits the better dressed 
employees wear and use this as your guide line. 

The interview attire golden rule 
Interviewers expect you to show up at the very least in an outfit typical of the job you are applying for. 
They will credit you for being overdressed for an interview but you will lose points for being 
underdressed. That's why it's important to do your homework. 

When in doubt, dress more conservatively 
Younger job seekers often mistake college type clothing or nightclub wear as suitable for the job 
interview.  Remember the younger you are, the more important it is that your dress and image portray 
professionalism and credibility. 

The suited look portrays credibility and professionalism 
The suited look is an excellent choice for business/professional interviews.  It makes it easy for the 
interviewers to visualize you in a professional/management position. 

When choosing suit colors, solids or pinstripes in darker neutrals like navy or grays are best.  (Shiny suits 
are not a great choice for business and a black suit is not a good choice for men as it brings to mind the 
funeral business.) 

If not wearing a suit at least wear a jacket
Studies reveal that a jacket gives confidence, credibility and authority in business situations. 

You don't need to spend a fortune for a good interview jacket or suit.  (No one need know that's not an 
expensive label as long as you have it altered to fit you properly. That means that the sleeve should end 
approximately where your wrist bone meets your hand and pants not too long and bagging at the shoe.) 

With a jacket you look and feel more confident.  And confidence is what you need for the job interview. 

Shirt color? 

A colored shirt (such as shades of blue) can make you appear more friendly and approachable. For more 
authority a white shirt with a dark jacket or suit works well. 

Tie or no tie? 

Unless the job interview is for a very creative field or IT, we always recommend wearing a tie. 

The tie is an expected business standard.  Your tie should coordinate your outfit by tying in colors from 
your shirt and your jacket. The tie be neither too short or too long but end close to your belt line. 

Jewelry, piercings and tattoos 
Less is more.    In other words don't over do it for the job interview. remember the whole idea is to get the 
job.  For men in business generally a ring and a good quality watch is sufficient. 

Small-scale earrings are becoming more acceptable but you will be limiting your chances of success with 
a more conservative organization if you show up for the interview with any facial piercings and visible 

Socks, belt, shoes and briefcases 

Socks should be a finer gauge, not athletic and definitely not white. Your socks should tie in with color or 
tone with either your pants or your shoes. 

Your belt and shoes should be good quality leather and be in similar color tone. 

Briefcases should be good quality leather in darker more conservative colors. 

Take care of the details 

The most common complaint we have from CEOs is that many male employees wear outfits that are 
wrinkled or stained.  So make sure your shoes are polished and clothing is cleaned and pressed or this 
will definitely undermine your credibility at the job interview stage. 

What job interviewers are not looking for 

When interviewing multiple candidates for the same position, they are looking for reasons not to hire you 
and to shorten that list of candidates. Employers often feel that grooming and dress sense cannot be 
taught or is difficult to change. 

Items that will drop you from the short list include: dress that stretches the boundaries for their industry, 
rumpled clothing or poor grooming habits. 

The job interview boils down to making an important first impression 

If you want the job, it is important that you do everything you can with your image so that it promotes a 
positive impression of you being ready for and understanding the position that you're applying for. 
Otherwise you may just be wasting your time and your opportunities. 

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